Sunday, November 25, 2007

Smthng Must Brk - Jy Dvsn

2 ways 2 choose,
On a rzr's edge,
Remain behind,
Go str8 ah8.

Room ful of pple, room 4 just 1,
If I can't brk out now, the time jst won't come.

2 ways 2 choose,
Which way 2 go,
Decide 4 me,
Pls let me knw.

Looked in the mirror, saw I was wrong,
If I cld get bk 2 whr I belong,
Where I belong.

2 ways 2 choose,
Which way 2 go,
Had thots 4 1
Designs 4 both.

But we were immortal, we were not there,
Washed up on the beaches, struggling for air.

I c ur face stil in my window,
Torments yet calms, won't set me free,
Smthng must brk now,
Tis life isn't mine,
Smthng must brk now,
Wait 4 the time,
Smthng must brk.

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