Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nickname Orange

Some information you'll need to find this vaguely funny.

  1. I received Dave's sms wedding invite last month but have yet to RSVP.
  2. The deadline was 30 Nov.
  3. My nickname in midshipman school was Sunkist - because of my smile.
  4. I hero-worship Oscar Wilde.

Me: Yo, you still getting married?

Dave: Of course! Have you decided if you'll be gracing us with your presence?

Me: Yeah, defnly will go. Thanks for the invite. The pleasure is mine.

Dave: Will definitely invite you. Oranges bring good luck.

Me: Yes, your wife will need lots of it.

Dave: Still a sour orange. Glad you'll grace us with your wit.

Me: It'll need a separate invite.

Dave: Whatever. Just send me your address so that I can send the invite.

Me: Blk 22 King George Avenue #20-778 Singapore 550022

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