Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boredom gnawing....

Not a very funny joke but....I saw a group of British blondes hanging around New York City hotdog stand, trying to hook a stud. "Oh, you folks don't call these things sausages?"

A pack of male dogs decided to visit California. But they were quite disappointed to find only fine beaches. - this one is even less funny right?

I heard somebody said to me, "Shit hot is only 36.8 degrees centigrade." That same person's idea of a bubble bath is to fart while sitting in a tub.

Did you hear about the Christian who was caught at the causeway with a pirated version of Mel "I hate Jews" Gibson's "The Passion Of Christ". The custom officer couldn't search the guy's bag completely because the Christian smuggled bak kwa (BBQ savoury pork) too.

This is a slogan T for people who prefer graphic T:

This one not funny, or maybe it's funny but not in a haha manner....during the annual ranking, one of my peers was providing feedback of one of his guys, and this was what he said of the guy, "So-and-so has shown excellent attitude. He insisted on sailing despite going through a rough patch with his wife and potentially a divource because his wife was lamenting that he wasn't spending enough time with her and the children."

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