Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lasuppe updates

Some observations.

1) Three hours worth of music isn't very long. about 50 titles worth will be more than sufficient.

2) As much as you would like to put Julien Jabre, Dr Rockit, Mr Hermano, Royksopp and Zero 7 (people throwing off the flair factor), Death Cab For Cutie, Jose Gonzalez, Kathryn Williams, Tom McRae (sideshows giving the twist element), Astrud Gilberto, Diana Krall and Frank Sinatra (standards ensuring it all feels familiar) all together in a lounge mix, if it doesn't work, you gotta compromise compromise compromise....

3) Turntablist works of art (DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, DJ Food) will typically not work for a crowd comprising of 1 to 80 year olds.

4) Bossa Nova in a ballroom setting is too over-rated.

5) Foreign language may be a good thing but like accessories, less is more.

6)Too much of the same thing is an overkill - cut down on Astrud Gilberto.

7) Dropping popular baroque pieces can be nice (Bach, Mozart and Beethoven) or like what shyuechou says, Debussy and maybe Chopin as well. But coming from shyuechou, all I can thinkof is "Che Guevera and Debussy to a disco beat". I'm sure he knows what I mean.

8) Avoid sad sounding tracks Jackson! It's a wedding not a god damn funeral! Strictly no trespassing to the following: Ryan Adams, Feist, Aqualung, Unbelieveable Truth.

9)Ultimately, not many will pay attention to it. So don't tear your hair out.

10) There isn't technically a point number ten.

Alright. First draft to be out soon.

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