Friday, April 28, 2006

The NUH Cardiac Centre

I was served by a lovely lady named Esther Tan this morning at the Cardiac Centre at NUH. I was there to have a Spacelab 90207 attached to me for 24 hours so that my blood pressure can be monitored over a 24 hour period at 15 minutes intervals.

She first set out to test the monitor.

"Ok, I will have to make sure this is working first."

"If it shows high, it's working."

Proceeds to record reading on the monitor.

"Ok, now I will use the manual ones to verify."


Proceeds to inflate the cuff and listen to my pulse with the stethoscope.

"Ya, this monitor is working. Your pressure really is high."

"Erm, yah, that's why I'm here."

Both laughs.

"Hmm, I'll use another one."


Proceeds to change to another old school manual pressure gauge.

"Yup, all the equipment is working."


"You're a bit too young to have hypertension hor?"

Haha, I mean, she was really nice and tried to make me comfortable, some idle banter. She then fixed the ambulatory blood pressure monitor. The Spacelab 90207.

This is how it looks like on me:

Cool huh? I was joking with jade that I can go trick or treatin', albeit a little early for Halloween. I can trying entering myself for Mister Singapore. I'm sure I can win Mr Marine Parade, with out without the pressure monitor. I'm part-man part-machine. muahahaha...

It's ridiculously hot to wear that. Imagine having to wear Navy No.3 with that contraption underneath. I am wondering how come I didn't set metal detectors off. I could have been stopped at any MRT station, suspected of carrying a home-made explosive device. Suicide bomber type. I'll be looking forward to the promised 72 vestal virgins. Females please! By the way. I do not know any good suicide bombers , cause if they are any good, they're dead. It's like a kamikaze pilot. You are not one till you crash right? And what are the chances of you surviving a kamikaze mission? Well, I don't know. If you don't end up being famous as a glorified dumbass war hero, you'll be famous as the kamikaze pilot who kamikazed and lived to tell the tale. Like published in Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

I digress.

Back to the ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

It's not water proof.

"So I can't shower?"



So what will any intelligent person do? Wait for the pressure to be taken, then realise that you have 15 mintues before the next reading is due, quickly get a shower in between.

The monitor wouldn't even notice you were missing from its cuff.

I'm gonna see Esther again. Can't wait. *squirms in excitement*

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Anonymous said...

eh, she chio not? how young? ;p