Saturday, April 29, 2006

3M - Innovation, to the eye of the beholder.

3M is a revolutionary company. The company, started in 1902 in Minnesota, USA was then known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It's such an innovative company as evidenced by the many unique products that have made our lives so much easier to live. Post-It, Scotch-Tape, Scotch-Brite and Thinsulate, all by them.

Command Adhesive is this temporary hook that utilises a strong sticky take that will stick to your wall and the largest hook in this range can hold up to 3.4 kilos. It is such a popular product that it has its own website on how to use and new products are constantly introduced. They've recently released a new line of Command Adhesive hooks. They are called Sweetie Hooks.

They look real cool. Like the cat series.

So sweet. Baby blue and baby pink.

For those with ailurophobia or just not feline friendly, there's the happy bear and grouchy frog.

What's that you say? The Sweetie Hooks require an NC16 rating?

Why? The yellow teddy seems proud of what he is using to hang your towels, keys and other knick-knacks. In fact, with his out-stretched arms, he seems to welcome anyone to hang anything. frog on the other hand, grouchy, perhaps no princess was willing to kiss his hook so that he can turn into a handsome prince. Or perhaps he cannot really take the weight of things hanging on his hook.

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