Monday, June 30, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend was not for me.

Being the birthday weekend for auntie, the events stacked against each other from friday evening.

But having a packed weekend has it's pluses. You do feel a sense of achievement somewhat.

Just back from a celebratory dinner of sorts at Holland V. Saturday was spent at the pool. Which was great because I was out and about in the sun.

Finally had the chance to see Baoling in action at the Artist-in-Residence at Marina Mandarin. *Nocturne IV is on from 17 Jul 08 at the Marina Mandarin. Click here to have a preview! I picked my painting up from him (finally) and spoke with him about his works. auntie was nice enough to accompany me despite being her birthday and all... will do a more in depth blurb in the coming days ahead. With pictures, how nice! Check out his flickr intro.....he indicated his sex as Male. Yes. In BOLD.

Saturday night was at Costa Sands for more birthday merry-making...

quite beat now.

the drag begins.

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