Friday, June 13, 2008


From a japanese news website:
At some point during the chase, the Lianhe Hao suddenly swerved to starboard and hit the Koshiki's port bow, according to the coast guard. The Lianhe Hao sank around 3:23 a.m.

From yahoo news website:
The captain of the fishing vessel the Lien Ho, registered in Taipei County, says his boat was rammed by a Japanese coast guard vessel before sinking about six nautical miles off the Diaoyus early Tuesday, according to Taiwanese media.

From a taiwanese news website:
The patrol tried to communicate by radio with the Taiwanese fishing boat, but the loud noise of the boat's engine made it nearly impossible for the crew to hear the radio message and the collision occurred shortly afterwards, the fishermen said.

What's really interesting is the chinese reaction, expressing displeasure that their territorial waters were violated. They were reinstating their sovereignty rights over the disputed island group no doubt.

From a UAE news website:
‘We are extremely dissatisfied with what the Japanese coast guard did to the boat of China's Taiwan province,’ he was quoted as saying by Chinese state media Xinhua news agency.
He demanded that Japan stop its ‘illegal activity’ in patrolling near Diaoyu islands, which he said belong to China.

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