Sunday, June 01, 2008

Designed for pain

Run was atrocious....

marathons are meant to break the human mind and body. much kudos to the participants who did the Ultra Marathon (marathon x 2, but 5 times the madness in my opinion).

a night marathon, instead of letting you enjoy the coolness of the dank Singapore night, just adds sleepiness into the list of pain factors.

stanchart marathon was pain, hunger and tiredness.
sundown marathon was pain, hunger, tiredness and sleepiness.

i might have fallen asleep around bedok reservoir...

the numerous bridges (there were 6 to 7, including 4 overhead bridges across expressways and one which had steps!) piled the pain on. and the winding route twists your ankles and all joints between your heel and your scalp.

not being prepared sufficiently exacerbated the pain-level. i stopped training since May Day. unplanned but choice-less.

about 25 minutes slower than stanchart.

oh, looking forward to the AHM aka Singapore Bay Run. Sheares Bridge is a torture/feature. and so is the new route that includes the marina barrage for the first time, making this truly a "bay run".


vulnerable toes said...

running to keep fit vs keeping fit to run. marathon = neither? ;p i'm sure there are other less extreme ways?

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

i'm gonna start looking past "completing". instead, i will start to "compete" against myself to get better timing.