Monday, June 30, 2008

Dead Cab

I don't want to talk about me not having tickets to see Death Cab.


I learn today that the RSAF actually stands for Rarely Seen After Four Five.
RSN = Rarely Seen Nowadays.
The men in green remain the backbone of our defence, working the longest. But even their working hours are Seldom After Four Five.

Not true actually.....I am at my desk each day by 8am (8:15am) and leave only after 5pm.

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Anonymous said...

i heard abt that from the other shorty friend jackson on friday in zouk. For him, it seems, was Four. But every other night besides friday it was, according to him, 11pm. What shit luck.
And on the same night, i met new friends who were convincing me to get tix to go mellow in death cab with them. :S


PS: i realise how this is just a random update abt what happened to me rather than an actual comment that could cause some debate.