Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big in Shanghai

Was at 大上海 for a wedding dinner. It's at King's Centre. Which is somewhat next to Grand Copthorne Waterfront which is next to Zouk....

Wedding of Weiwen and Jaslyn. Weiwen is my primary school classmate from Primary 1 I think. All through to Primary 6. He went AMoK and then to TJ. After a brief stint as a lecturer at Republic Poly, he has or is about to join DSTA -

o Salah, Try Again.
estroy Something, Try Again.
efending Singapore? Too Arduous!
eep Shit, Twat! Asshole!
irrty Sluts & Tight Asses

on + on....

Gonna link this entry to the 大姐大 of the May Primary School's Usual Suspects. view the pics.

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