Sunday, June 08, 2008

Horrorscope - Two Thumbs Up (and a pair of legs)

In spite of the leaps and bounds you've taken over the last several months, dear Pisces, a slump could soon set in as you start doubting your ability to attain your most cherished goals. An unexpected setback may have occurred that was disheartening, but you've never let this sort of thing stop you before. Don't fall into this trap now. Brace yourself, reassess your methods, and get back in the saddle. You'll get there!

What "leaps and bounds"? I don't remember them. But there has been much changes this year. The first 4 months alone would have been sufficiently significant. Moreover, events within the first 4 months + 1 day is enough for a lifetime.

I don't mind a tiny slump. In the economy that is. So that I can embark on Plan D. what's Plan A, B and C?

There was a setback. It was unexpected. It was almost life threatening (and perhaps a wee disheartening) but yeah, guess I should not fall into the trap. Get back in the saddle.

Hi Ho Silver!

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