Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sundown Marathon Review

Macam drama I tell you....

Anyway, it's over. Clocked a terrible timing and still nursing an aching sole.

Started the run just as the buses were making their last service runs and finished when they started on their first.

The first 10KM:
Starting from the narrow paths along Changi beach was not ideal. If not for the small number of runners (6000 or so versus 40,000 for Stanchart marathon), it would have been a stampede. Finished it in just over an hour and started to turn into NSRCC stretch towards East Coast Park.

From 10 - 18KM:
East Coast Park was a demoralising stretch. These were the reasons:
1) The route had non-participants walking along
2) BBQs were a terrible distraction
3) Hunger pangs + smell of food = insanity
4) Hunger pangs + running past fast food restaurants = torture

Started walking from 18KM onwards and jogged/brisk walked till 40KM. Contemplating robbing a passing runner whose pouch sounded like she had a lot of coins and we were quite near a prata shop.

Bananas never tasted so good...and Subway cookies, wonderful! Powerbar Sports Gels tasted disgusting.

Mental note: Running alone is much better. Either that or be very competitive. Try and outrun your friend instead of talking the kilometres away. And also, don't cock up with the iPod playlist. I ended up listening to Depeche Mode non-stop for the first 1okm or so. Followed by non-stop Underworld. Then so on so forth...because I did not shuffle the playlist.

40KM to End
Rain. Rain. Freaking heavy rain. Big ol' fat rain. From the sides. A dramatic finish. I cannot remember what was playing when I crossed the finish line. Could have been Waiting For The Sirens' Call because that was one the screen when I wanted to recharge it.

No pictures. Go run your own.

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