Friday, March 07, 2008

Shure SCL2

I jumped ship!

Shure SCL2

I am so sorry to Ivan from Norman Audio....cause Shure earphones are brought in by Ban Leong (somewhere in un-atas Ubi Ave 4 instead of assured atas-ness of Adelphi).

At $280 each, my ER6i was costing me way too much. I am already in my third pair because each lasted me for 6 months or so. Even though Ivan was kind enough to give me a half price "existing customer" price, it's still $140 half-yearly.

And the price difference is obvious.

Sound isolation is passive in the SCL2, just like ER6i. Both do it quite well. Although I will give the Shures a little bit more points in insulating ambient noise and comfort. Additionally, there seems to be less "thudding" due to the sound isolation. This thudding can be rather noisy when running and the cables are moving alot.

But the entry level SCL2 cannot beat ER6i in terms of sound quality. It's muddier. The bass is "stronger" but not punchy. The trebles are out of control. And it's just not as polished as Etymotics. I do complain about Etymotics sterile sound (flat or "how the producer wanted it to be heard) and lack of soundstage.

But at an "IT Show 2008" price of $99, the SCL2 is good enough. I realised that I really appreciate being able to shunt the world out when I am commuting. I was totally distracted when I switched to the normal Creative earphones.

It's a cheap thrill, but I like seeing my mum open and close her mouth in speech but I cannot actually hear her.


marc said...

Nice going man! Sounds like a real steal at that price and able to focus on the music than the distraction all around. my last pair from creative has not sounded good at all as it endured just a few months. Used to have a pair of sony earphones which gave a good balance of treble and bass but no longer sold on the market. sigh.

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

hey, haven't seen u and the missus since...X'mas!!!

Hope u're doing great. it's not a steal at the price lah....but willing to pay for some peace and quiet.

marc said...

Has it been that long... already? =(

Workload at its peak for past few mths and then there's the housework too... sheesh, i must be losing touch of life! catch up soon.