Monday, March 10, 2008

Mosaic Music Festival Presents Broken Social Scene

and I hope the rumors will break your fall
guess it's gonna be love for the fucked up kid

No Feist. But we live.

Finally got the chance to see them live after enjoying so many of their tracks. Not the biggest of fan but it was enjoyable nonetheless. got auntie to go with me since mong had to make it for her daddy's birthday dinner.

I am really glad that finally the concert-goers start getting off their butts and enjoy themselves. The ushers had difficulty trying to get people to keep their cameras and I think nobody got stopped once the concert started.

Their take on Lover's Spit (which alot of people were screaming for) held everybody in rapture. The whole concert hall just fell into a quiet hush.
It was surreal.

No encores, no need for that. Because they played their hearts out for more than 2 hours. Still have The Bird & The Bee and Sondre Lerche to look forward to this coming week. Woots! Totally like Mosaic Music Festival.

Skipped the autograph session, ate dinner at lousy Gluttons' Square. Met Saiful (Great Spy Experiment) but missed his gig which was at the entrance foyer at 9pm.

Past mosaic attendances. KoC. J. Gonzales. and R. Yamagata.
ah shit, guess I'm in love with the fucked up kid

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