Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweetness follows

No. She never quite liked coffee.

The dark liquid did little to hide its vile taste.

Even with milk. The colour was odd.

"The sweetness follows." She hears her friends say. But only after they had drop copious spoonfuls of sugar into the tiny receptacle. A quick stir and an absentminded gulp. The taste barely registered. Swilling in their mouths just long enough to savour the sugary sweetness at the tip of the tongue.

Never allowing the contents to reach too far back. Not warranted. The coffee barely made its way through the mouth and will only tickle the tonsil, if at all, before going down the gullet.

To her, coffee did serve a purpose - keeping her awake on days where she felt particularly lethargic. One doesn't really actually need to like coffee in order to feel the effects.

No. She never likhed coffee. Much preferred tea.

But she drinks it anyway.

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