Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wa..wait a minute!

I thought the ICJ ruling is expected to be out only later this year?

You take say the dispute over Pedra Branca, or what Malaysia calls Pulau Batu Putih. Both sides have agreed that we put the case to the ICJ (International Court of Justice). Both sides have tried their best and in a few months time, the decision will be made and both sides agreed that whatever the decision taken, we will abide by it. We will not be happy but we will maintain good relations. Syed Hamid said that recently, I should echo his sentiments that on this issue, we have no difference that we will abide by the decision of the ICJ. This is a very civilised way of handling a bilateral dispute, which will not be resolved in any other way. I believe this should be an example of how relations in ASEAN should be ordered, and the new Charter which has very good built-in dispute settlement mechanisms, should help us bring about a better future for all of us.

Q: Actually you are quite right there. When I spoke to Syed Hamid about Pedra Branca, he said those exact words. He said regardless of who wins, it should not tarnish the mirror, because the relationship will have to flow in a positive manner regardless of what happens to Pedra Branca.
But look at this map published by the Singapore Land Authority:

There is an inset at the bottom right.

So weird huh? can or not huh?

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