Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bucket List

You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.

auntie surprised me with a movie last night. We decided to finally have a proper dinner + movie date. Asked her to choose a movie, buy the tickets and not tell me the title until we got to the cinema.
and she chose the only one I wanted to watch amongst the others that came out recently.

a bucket list is a list (duh!) of things you would like to do/accomplish before you "kick the bucket".

was wondering if my bucket list will get easier and shorter the closer i get to my deathbed. and also, my list will undergo the greatest change at the moment when i know for sure when i will die. then it made me think about the list(s) i will have made before the moment i knew for sure when i will die. does it render the other list(s) pointless?

i cannot remember watching morgan freeman and jack nicholson sharing the same screen ever. after watching it, i cannot understand why weren't they paired before.

i can imagine jack nicholson as a psycho/warped criminal tauting the police while morgan freeman is the rational, cool, calm, collected police detective out to nab him.

i probably remember them best for Batman and Se7en.

go watch folks. and don't be surprised by the superb performances. simple plot but well executed.

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