Wednesday, April 16, 2008



The latest from xkcd is plain wrong.

On a number of levels.

ITUNES = wrong spelling. technical error. cause he uses caps for all captions. but this is probably intentional. so that the actual iTunes will not sue.

No self-respecting techno-head actually buys techno. Techno-heads love torrents.

15-second sample!?!? iTunes provide 30-second samples. but then again, it's ITUNES and not iTunes. what can a 15-second sample provide? to be crude, it's like sex with your underwear on. why do i feel that the previous sentence just don't seem appropriate.

20 x 15-seconds = 5 mins!! wah lau eh, techno not so short lor. should loop the sample 30 times at least. add filters, flange delay and reverb!

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