Thursday, April 17, 2008


See, I believe them.

Look at the local "number portability" hoopla. This is old technology. In my opinion, it's just to protect the interest of a single telco in order to secure capital for expansion globally.

Conspiracy works. And the ability to deny any conspiratorial intent is essential.

Why else do you think that all the major touristy cities in any country will have at least one of their famous tourist spot "under refurbishment"? It may be the facade of a building around St. Mark's Square in Venice, touching up the columns of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, closure of a section of a gallery within the Prado Museum in Madrid and closer home, something in Sentosa is constantly undergoing "Upgrading to Improve Your Island Life!" or "Renovating to Enhance Your Island Life!" (ok, I so made up those lines).

Thank goodness the local Haw Par Villa remains open. And the admission is free!

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