Thursday, October 02, 2008

TINAS effect

auntie got a digital camera free from AMEX cause of her successful application of a credit card.
as with all free stuff, it wasn't fantastic. Saps battery power like nobody's business.

since I rewarded sis with a camera (she doesn't know I am prepared to foot the bill, until she sees this post of course), I decided to get one for auntie to replace her olympus too.

just in time for the phuket trip of course.

i was rushing around in funan and couldn't really find any nice wrapping paper. decided to get "fail proof" brown paper. it wasn't cheap. because it's not really brown paper. it's brown wrapping paper.

this was how it was wrapped........

Besides the tagline, you should notice the tiny writing at the it is, magnified.

How appropriate right? Sex toys invariably are delivered in "discrete brown paper packaging".

And often, batteries are not included.

Nobody trust MIC (made in china) stuff anymore. Although I am quite sure some toys are made of melamine. I thought that this being made in La La Land has a nicer ring to it. Especially when paired with this tagline on the side:

Puts the ooh la la back in your life. Notice that it is about bringing it back in your life. Meaning you must have had it once and somehow lost it...

I like this line....although I am not sure why Latin lovers are such a premium.

I put the package into a Starbucks brown paper bag and gave it to auntie when we were about halfway through a chocolate banana cake in Secret Recipe at Vivo. And it was crowded.

She was all coy when I asked her what she thought it was. She just smiled and asked why was I giving her a gift. (Children's Day).

I tell you, when her eyes picked up the words on the box, the dilation of her pupils was obvious. And she quickly snuck the package back into the bag.

"What is it!"

I tell you, that was a classic look of surprise.

We now call it the "This is not a sextoy" (TINAS) effect.

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vulnerable toes said...

are we getting bonus anytime soon? actually my bday is around the corner too ;p