Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Back not long from Phuket.

Plenty of sun....plenty of good food (not cheap though) and plenty of fun!

Some experimental pics before uploading more of the usual (ie. pics of sunny beaches, muay thai, vegetarian festival).

The first two were taken while on the way from Kata to Patong. Just a simple play on exposure while seated on a tuktuk. Almost reminds me of some paintings by baoling.

There are probably a couple more but I liked the two above most. The streaks of light at the bottom reminds me of the anime Akira.

The next set is playing with exposure, aperture and movement. The basic scene is the setting sun. So I set a small aperture with longer exposure and just turned the lens around it's axis.

original scene

1/2 turn

3/4 turn

full turn

It's starting to look like pictures of some cosmos taken by the hubble space telescope.

ok maybe not.

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