Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post before Paris Hilton

I'll let auntie write a few lines:

ok, she refused.

Anyway, waiting for time to pass before leaving the house for terminal 3.
Gonna attend this Euronaval 2008 exhibition in Paris le Bourget. It's not actually Paris. But Paris le Bourget. What does "le bourget" mean? I don't know. What does

auntie says if she has to type, she's gonna type something like this: "He says that he is going to get some air stewardess' number and have a fling."


I will check out if the Hilton in Paris (Paris Hilton)

  1. is easy to get into
  2. has a wide entrance
  3. allow entry from the rear door for VIPs
  4. allow double or triple occupancy
  5. charge by the hour
What else do you wanna know?

Don't think I'll put up many pictures after this trip.
Oh yes, the gifts, plaques and books weigh 8kgs. These don't belong to me. I hope I can leave them all in Paris.

But oh fuck. If these gifts go out, some are definitely gonna come back in.
It's like chinese new year but in a bad way.


blauereiter said...

You're going to Paris ? *envious*

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

Working leh....would have been great if not for the need to work.