Sunday, October 19, 2008


Why do we trust? How is it that a nation can have wool pulled over their eyes again and again?

I mean, Bush said the reason for going to war in Iraq and ___________ (fill in name of oil rich country) was because of WMD. Wow. Obviously the reason why there wasn't any to be found was because we were fooled. Not by Bush Administration. But by Saddam.
Al-Qaeda is the threat and the reason why we are back in the gulf. But let's divert resources away from finding bin Laden to destroying Saddam.
By the way, 9-11? That's the first attack on American soil. Ok, let's forget about Pearl Harbour. Oh, mainland? Yeah...ok....why not first attack on American mainland, New York, New York, Lower Manhattan, modern building....*blah blah more descriptors*.
He said that FEMA was doing a heckuva job when the levees broke. Yup. And before that, he probably said the levees wouldn't break. They were "caught by surprise". Right! So was Saddam when Bush said he had WMD. A bigger surprise when Iraq was invaded.
They were gonna turn around the huge deficit.
Iraqis will see Americans as liberators. Wowee Zowee. Count the body bags.
The surge is working! Iraq is on its way to becoming a democracy.
He found Vladimir Putin a "consistent, transparent, honest and is an easy man to discuss our opportunities and problems with". And Vladimir returns the kindness by treating "President Bush better than some Americans would".
The bailout package will save the economy. The fundamentals are strong. Cut taxes!

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