Sunday, September 07, 2008

Urban Dew Series

Was over at Esplanade last weekend for Baybeats. Checked out Analog Girl. I have to search for the issue of Time where she was mentioned as one of a number of young upcoming Asian artists.

Saw the visual/installation art piece at the Esplanade Concourse. Joey Soh. familiar. Think it's ys's friend.

Left perspective.

I think my blog is limited enough to publish this...

your friend is joey? her art work at esplanade?

joey soh. yeah.. the metal trees at esplanade.
saw them liao
how is it?

[insert random sentences making sense only when read while smoking your secret stash]

i've forwarded ur feedback to her. and she is deeply appreciative:
[insert msn chat between friend and artist]

f78k lah. I econs grad and armchair critic. but since she says that she has come to accept and "come what may", she is using this piece as a manifestation of her new found freedom ah? The emancipation of joey soh.

hhaha. she said u almost like pro art critic! she is quite random la.. she shoot first without thinking at times.. in fact often times...

Anyway, I thought the lantern thing they have going at the linkway between the concourse and the rear of the centre is pretty cool.

But upon closer inspection, the inscriptions were a little suspicious.


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