Tuesday, September 30, 2008

F1 - Initial

Found my sis's pic on the F1 website. I cannot reproduce without kind permission.
Check out the link here.
Her pic is found on the last column (5th from the left), 6th row. Shows her next to another Una girl, wearing Red Bull headsets. Sis is the one on the right, girl on the left is Esther (I think).

She was kind enough to call me at 1918H on Sunday (Finals) to tell me she has a spare Start/Finish grandstand seat. Which is amongst the Paddock Grandstand. Which is worth more than $2.5k. Which she has only one. Which she told me 42 minutes before flag off (ok, she probably didn't have a choice).

So I stayed with auntie to watch the start of the race, went for dinner, returned to the race and realised that we had missed all the exciting moments - Nelson Piquet Jr's crash (strategic crash?), Massa's mess in the pit and Alonso's miraculous climb from 12 (he had climbed from 15 to 12 when we left for dinner) to pole (strategic win via strategic pitting?).

After following the sport for 4 years, I can understand what is happening during the qualifying rounds, what is the "2 hour maximum" rule, what may determine the choice of a 1/2/3 pit strategy, why tyres matter and why the bloody flag-off traffic lights don't show green while the flag-off for the formation lap prior to the start does and why the Singapore grandprix requires 61 rounds but not 60 or 62.

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Anonymous said...

i had a pair of passes in the end but that was 15mins prior to start of race. I figured it's too much of a hassle to walk a good 15mins to the gates to pass you the pair and a good 15mins walk back - in heels & humid. :S All the excitement was better viewed on telly anyway. :P
And without seeing all those crashes and messes, you totally missed SGP GP lah! :S it was cool but from where we sat, we saw the whole saga of fuel pipe being dragged and massa stopping by the end of pitlane. coulthard had a false start in the pits and injured someone as well. poor redbull guy had to be on crutches when we saw him the paddocks.

I wished i could go phuket too! I'm buried under books. Stressed!

yr fave sis.