Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy. Now. That's what matters.

There must have been moments of epiphany where you make a decision that you guess you would reap the benefits of 3, 5 maybe 10 years down the road of life.

That 3, 5, 10 long years may never come. I am not pessimistic. Just awkwardly realistic at times. Awkward because while you know that life is fragile yet you plan ahead. Way ahead. Substituting instant gratification for delayed gratification.

It's important to remember the happy times that has passed. Some people think it is important to feel slightly depraved now to be happy later. I think it is very important to be happy now.

I can spend money on my needs and wants. Not caring about the storm that continues to whip through the US economy and affecting every mothers' son. Why should I read that report on what to do with the current US and World market in turmoil? Actually, I don't know what material goods will make me happy. I cannot remember shopping recently. Actually, I think treating my family to a nice meal, spending time at home can actually make me happy. As would spending time with auntie. Or lulu!

There are lots of ups going on in my life right now. Shouldn't let a single downer rock the boat.

October promises to be a month that caters to my wanderlust. I am giving up my date with Camera Obscura (damn!) to head to France for a working trip (at least that is the plan now, subjected to changes.) And of course, Phuket this weekend.

I am looking forward to enjoying my holiday with auntie in Phuket this coming weekend. Being a *ahem* seasoned traveler to Phuket, I have opted to stay at Kata Beach Resort. It's pretty exciting this time around traveling with auntie cause the last two times I was here, I was always alone. Breakfast time would be nicer having somebody else across the table. Beach strolls would be more relaxing holding auntie's hand. And very importantly, I can drink and eat to my heart's content, knowing I have a tough time upon returning home.

By the way, I am making this stupid action of double spacing after a full stop because that is required under some directive on writing a document in my workplace. So stupid. Doh!

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