Thursday, September 18, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

Over the past two weeks, I was closing up night shifts with Singapore's BMX guru Simon.

Who happens to be a colleague. He represented Singapore as rider/judge/manager and continues to do so.

I searched around the net for pics of my 2 bicycles I had.

First was a replica Haro BMX: in Big Bird Yellow.
Which was "misplaced" at transformer station near my old home at Whampoa.

The other was an IronHorse AT70. The neighbourhood police liked my bike so much they decided to purchase several AT110 for their policemen on bike patrols. They no longer go on bike patrols. This bike of mine was also "misplaced" at the 11th storey of the current block where I live in.

When will Singapore be bike-friendly?

1 comment:

vulnerable toes said...

have i told u my intention of picking up riding in sg? in lack of riding space sg. or wud swimming or running suit btr?