Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lulu @ Bishan Park Dog Run

A Dog Run is basically a place where dogs are given free rein (or set free from their reins) to run about within the confines of a fenced area. There are a number of Dog Runs in Singapore. This is the second time for Lulu at the Bishan Dog Run.

First up are a few shots of Lulu chasing around, wagging both her tail as well as her tongue.

Full frontal glory

Looking menacing

In desperate need of rest

Run has given up to trot

There were many other dogs in the Dog Run. The dog belonging to the lady in the middle is a feisty little bugger. Picking on dogs twice its size. The owner is actually reprimanding her dog for being aggressive to the bigger dog (with the black coat, with its back turned). Miffed, the little fellow continued barking at other dogs.

I was there with my sister - La Formula Una girl (haha) - ok enough already. We both realised that Lulu is an attention seeker. She'd rather go to strangers than us for attention.

This is not the only guy she hoodwinked. Many other strangers, young and old, male and female, were enticed by her comehither looks.

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