Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rachael Yamagata Live in Concert at The Esplanade

was having a tummyache & a splitting headache from midweek beer...
The set list.:-)

Be Be Your Love
What If I Leave
Little Life
Worn Me Down
Letter Read
Elephant (instrumental)
Even So
Meet Me By The Water
The Only Fault
Over And Over
Sidedish Friend
Sunday Afternoon
Reason Why

Ok. Proper review later.

*proper-ish review here:

First thing : I am not going to say anything about Jack & Rai except that their last track reminded me of Jeff Buckley's cover of Van Morrison's The Way Young Lovers Do. Thumbs up.

Comparing the setlist from the last time RY was here, the amazing thing was the coincidence in her choice of her last song in the encore numbers.
And that she is having a cold.
No point giving you a blow by blow account. There are probably scores of bloggers in the crowd last evening.
Just remember that Bill Pullman is the "secret crush" and that the haunting intro to Over And Over was the result of her channeling the trumpet ghost.

Setlist from Mosaic in 2007.
Letter Read
Be Be Your Love
What If I Leave (previewed in 2007 and in latest album)
Paper Doll
Under My Skin
Meet Me By The Water
Known For Years
Would You Please
Worn Me Down
Sunday Afternoon (previewed in 2007 and in latest album)
Reason Why

So here's the reason why (from reading too much about her in online interviews, not that it's official, please):
It's easy to read the lyrics of the particular song she had chosen for her encore. As the lead singer of a Chicago band content with staying in the club circuit, she was no longer satisfied with the constraints that being in a band had on her. She was no longer happy being the way the band had wanted her to be. The clever play of words - "to cover the tracks that I have left" , referring to the band's future need to get a replacement singer to sing the songs that used to be sung by her. I am guessing it is related to what she wanted to tell her former band. Rather than to any particular guy she used to be with. This is a break up song. But not between a boy and a girl.


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