Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nude Couple at Holland Village

The nude couple at Holland Village were fined S$2,000.

I thought it was a little too harsh even though they were not jailed.
The fine was the maximum but they could have been jailed.
Punish them by making them wear clothes lah. Anyway, what was so anti-social about walking in the nude? They probably could make more friends, aid social cohesion and create a good laugh (and a buzz on stomp/sam leong's alfresco/hardwarezone edmw).

The pair (what other "pair" were you thinking of?) are students at Karolinska Institutet. The guy claimed he misapprehended and didn't know public nudity is an offence in Singapore. Maybe he thought Holland Village is governed by the Dutch. It's like the people who walk along Little India. They cross the roads along that stretch of Serangoon Road as if they are in India. Hmm, actually I have not been to India. So I don't really know. Neither have I been to Holland. So I am not certain if nudity is permitted in Holland.

The girl, being the scholar that she is (she is more than a lab technician ok), contributed to society through her research work in infectious diseases. She contributed to the vibrant night life of Holland Village that January night. So she should be rewarded. She was involved in projects promoting safe sex education previously. That's meritorious as well. I'm sure she was carrying a condom while parading in the nude. Just in case.

But when they left court today, they did not return to their former glory.
Preferring instead to be very covered up.

Pictures from CNA.

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