Saturday, April 04, 2009

This just in - singa gets pants

It was reported in Channel News Asia that Singa the courtesy lion will be adopting a new look.

I remember him from primary school and he (lion, not lioness) was looking like this:
Happy and with a tomato red (or is that diluted fire-engine red after several repeated washings??) t-shirt. Ready for a hug, he's t-shirt has got a pirated Watchmen smiley face print. And get (over) this; NO PANTS.

In his re-vamped look, which happened a short while ago, without us noticing, he has gotten for himself a brand new Made in Tiong Hua cheapo plain white t (not to be confused with this band - Plain White Ts) with a lousy misprint. Why misprint? Narbeh, the heart shape was misaligned. Resulting in an asymmetrical heart.
And as a reflection of softer governance, we are not obliged to be kind. Instead, we only need to try. In the former years, it was Make Courtesy A Way Of Life. Yes, it was that draconian - a way of life or death. Ok, not true but you get the idea.

Now we just need to Try A Little Kindness. Not explicit about giving or receiving it.

See the above for Singa's new look. Featuring the same cheapo Tiong Hua made t-shirt and green pants. Singa is embarrassed by his cheapo t-shirt and chooses a placard to hide it.

freakin' PANTS!

T-shirt I can understand because I have seen them wearing t-shirts in the wild. Slogan Ts no less.

I have even seen them wearing t-shirts and a red nose in the wild.

But no lions have ever been seen wearing freakin' pants.

Uniquely Singapore.


Tan Kok Seng said...

That would be Let's Dance. Mainly the chorus. :-)

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

ah ha!

I take your emoticon as an answer to the second question.