Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Best of 2008 (draft version)

I don't know if I should rush out a "traditional" entry on my favourite songs in 2008. Also the forecast for 2009.

Let's see if I do feel so inclined.

Ok, so I do.

Pace Is The Trick - Interpol, Our Love To Admire
Slow Hands - Interpol, Antics
"You women you have no self control" kinda just sums up why I like this song in the very early part of 2008. And I really started listening to Interpol after watching the music video of Slow Hands on mtv. Such a great album which I refused to listen to although Yugin recommended it to me years ago.

Small - Portishead, Third
Ah, Portishead. My musical saviour since 1994. Releasing their third album finally.

The Start Of Something - Voxtrot, Raised By Wolves
First heard this in mong's car. Thought she said the name of the band was Raised By Wolves, which is the name of an actual brand in Australia. Sounding like a modern day The Smiths, but not to be lumped together with the next band below.

Long Division - Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs
Such clever lyrics, how to not like it's wit. Admittedly, the latest album by DCFC is a little weak by comparison (blah blah blah...oh, I liked DCFC so much better before The OC and them selling out, releasing on a major label....blah blah - goes the comment of a music snob). I don't quite understand the entire pitchfork media top albums of 2008 list. I know none of the bands in their honourable mention list. Elitist!

Human - The Killers, Day & Age
With everyone raising their eyebrows over the line "Are we human? Or are we dancer", The Jacques Lu Cont/Stuart Price/Thin White Duke/Les Rythmes Digitales produced track had trancers locked to the dancefloor though I have never heard it being dropped in a dj's set. Ah well....

Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip, Made In The Dark
Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it now. Say it say it say it say it say it say it say it now.
It's this year's Young Folks for me. Matched Young Folks' whistling part in its ability to remain in your head.

A&E - Goldfrapp, Seventh Tree
What a brave departure from her previous efforts. Lush sounding, like walking in the enchanted woods, straight out from Enid Blyton.

Tell Me What It's Worth - Lightspeed Champion, Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
Ok, it was the over-sized frames that won me over. And the oddly funny/sad music video (read all the signboards please!) that made me get out and buy his album. Non-R&B music from black people rock! Like, stay cool and funky.

To Start Anew - The Perishers, Victorious
A weepy. Boring. But essential. Slightly embarassed to have this track lurking in my 2008 list.

Elephants - Rachael Yamagata, Elephants......Teeth Sinking Into Heart
Finally! She was all secretive about this new album when I asked her if her new one was coming out anytime soon. This album missed 2007 summer's deadline. But everyone who was at her concert in Singapore at The Esplanade must be glad it's finally out! A double disc!

Only This Moment - Röyksopp, The Understanding
This song, I remember listening to it and liking it very much while seated on a bus, on the way to a friend's place near Goodman Rd. Ripped the album from Pin.

Glam Bucket - Underworld, Oblivion With Bells
The only instrumental track in this list.

Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever To Tell
Old old track. From 2003. I never knew that YYYs wrote such brilliant stuff. And the music video is so "let's jam".

2008 most wanted to listen album (but failed to) - Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes
Songs In A&E by Spiritualised and The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow.

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