Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sesame Street

Sesame Street was a staple in my childhood years.
Not wanting to distract the content with my verbal diarrhea, here are my top 3:

Ernie's Imagine That was such a fun song. Wimpy dragon and all.

It's A Rainy Day is a song I still hum sometimes when it rains. I think auntie might have asked me about this before. So glad for youtube, if not I wouldn't have been able to track this down.

This is THE Classic Sesame Street song. Bob McGrath singing about the people in the neighbourhood (drop the "r" if you are American). It's so good that they're are still making Bob sing it these days. Like in a special with Martina (the tennis player) below:



jados said...

Thanks for bringing back all these songs. I used to love the Neighbourhood song

gong xi fa cai
huat ah!

vulnerable toes said...

u know u are old when seeing these clips brings on the smiles instead of the blank looks.