Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things to decorate with

Fresh from Armin. Technically, I was there. But he's yet to spin. But the crowd was already too overwhelming for me. goes.

Ok, first up would be the only original in my collection.


Nocturne 10073 by Lin Bao Ling. I might be his biggest fan. Supported him since way back when I saw his painting at Mandarin Hotel in the Marina area. That might be 2004 or so. Met him a couple of times and will also take a look whenever he has a exhibition locally. So far he has had about 3 local exhibitions.



Next are the Audrey Kawasaki prints.

She Who Dares (limited edition of 200. Mine's number 108) and Mizuame (edition of . I am still waiting for my Two Sisters. Don't think it will arrive until sometime in late Feb. I always have interesting stories surrounding how I get her prints. My first was Mizuame. I had to use gprs to get online while on duty in base to log onto the internet and bought a piece. Thank goodness it was time limited edition, meaning she will process every single order she gets in an hour. There were 790 orders globally during that hour. The second was even more interesting. I realised that my workplace is able to go online but not access her website. Hence I had to call auntie, while on duty the night before, to get her help. This was crucial because instead of an hour, I had only precious seconds. There were only 200 put up for sale of which 85 were already sold at an exhibition. The piece that I am waiting for was also a time limited edition. This time the total global orders grew to 1060. I asked Lin Bao Ling about sharing his art in giclee print before. He considered but remained envious of the US art community.


These are the Yuka Yamaguchi prints. I had wanted to get another but it was sold out. So I settled for these 3 - New Heartbeat, I Didn't Do It and I Can Wait. The other that I wanted to get was There You Are! She is also known as Plastique Monkey and keeps a blog. Currently busy with her baby boy. I like the whimiscal nature of her works. Even for the toys she made for her boy Elijah, they are totally out of this world.


This was a gift from a friend in Uni. She was enjoying her holiday in Italy and decided to get this for me, knowing I like art and that my work is related to maritime activities. It's by a street artist somewhere in Rome.


Ok, this is from the museum shop in Reina Sofia. Flensted mobiles are quite popular. Many of the DSTA meeting rooms in the Science Park building has got one. I had wanted to get it the first time I was in Madrid back in 2001. But being a student, couldn't afford it. Hence when I was back there in 2005, I grabbed it. And now I feel like getting another.



These were from a street peddler in the Vietnamese city of Hue. Only USD1 each. Cheap cheap. I just wanted to get some and if I remembered correctly, I gave some away.



Prints by Tom Purvis. Like the style he adopted for himself while designing for LNER. He's art prints are quite popular with those who collect railway memorabilia. The top prints were bought while on a holiday in the Lake District. The bottom prints were gotten from an online shop. The quality sucks for the smaller prints. I liked these two because they come in a set of 6 and form a continuous panaroma of some locations in Yorkshire.

That's all for now~

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