Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mosaic Music Festival Presents Kraftwerk

I cannot remember how many Mosaic Music Festival concerts I have gone to. 5, according to this blog. But I didn't blog about The Bird And The Bee. Not much coverage on Sondre Lerche as well. So there were actually more.

But last night was like watching Peter Hook spin in Zouk.

ray summarised it as, "paying homage to the grandfathers".

It wasn't completely full. I think it was opened up to Circle 3. We were stuck to the back row of Circle 2. There were the usual "too cool for school" people who were dressed like like they were going ReadySetGlo!!!, lots of angmos, homos, hobos and lobos. ok.

And if anyone from the Esplanade staff is reading this, please tell us what is wrong with taking pictures in a Mosaic show? It's not like anybody will mind. Unless the artists specifically stated "No recording of any kind", otherwise, relax and let the people take the pictures. The usher assigned to Circle 2 rows JJ area, she's a real workaholic. But took away some of the enjoyment. I understand she is doing her job. So the change should come from the management.

The Set List - could be wrong....I tried to remember bits of the track to fill in those I didn't know previously.

Kling Klang - I think this was played before the lights came on and some vocoded voice was talking. Kling Klang Records, the label which Kraftwerk release their albums through. Not to be mistaken with Chemical Brothers' If You Kling To Me, I'll Klong To You.
Man Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine Machine MACHINE
Tour de France
Planet of Visions
Numbers - 12345678
Computer World
Home Computer
Pocket Calculator (the animation was from the website and this track together with the previous 3 tracks formed a mini set of their own)

Autobahn - oh classick from their 1974 eponymous album and the visuals started with the totally retro looking album cover. You'd never guess that with a cover like that, it'll actually develop a cult following.

Computer Love
The Model - oh my gawd.....the visuals.....I was telling auntie this sounded very 七月歌台.
Neon Licht
Showroom Dummies
Radioactivity - I had guessed that the bleeps were Morse code but it was always too fast for me. I used to go up to 4 wpm.
Trans Europe Express
The Robots - was sharing with the rest that any one of the robots they used for this track while "we're charging our batteries" made more movements than the four of them combined throughout their show.
Elektro Kardiogramm - spectacular!
Aero Dynamik - finally! a dancefloor friendly/ready number
Boing! Boom! Tschak!
Music Non Stop - fantastic closing number!


AC said...

Totally agree about permitting audience members to take pictures! Missed a lot of potentially good shots because of the ushers. It could be possible that the band had requested for it. I have been to a previous Mosaic event in Esplanade and they were not very strict about picture taking.

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said... experience with all events at Esplanade, talking about the main hall, Mosaic or not, no photography.

outdoors events and those at the smaller studios are more photo-friendly.