Friday, December 26, 2008


This year I went to three cities starting with "P".
Each had a character uniquely its own.

Phuket - had the Vegetarian Festival.
Paris - there was the Eiffel Tower amongst others like Jeff Koons and it being a working trip, hence free.

Just returned from Penang. Famous for the hawker fare and also being awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site recently. More of that later.

Oh, and not forgetting the "P" Party this weekend at bryan+jados.

That's not the point of this entry.

I just want to share that I never had a allergy until I was 21 when I experienced walking past a field with flowers blooming in Spring. The breeze whipped up some pollen. Ok, "some" is an understatement. Ever since, I am very mildly allergic to dust and pollen. I sneeze. And my nose will itch. Like probably 2,312,230,234 others in the world will react the same way.

Now I have developed an allergy to oysters. My left eyelid will become swollen.

I confirmed this allergy in Penang. Because of the oyster omelette.

My left eyelid is still puffy and painful to touch.

Pictures to follow....I meant pictures of Penang. Not my eyelid.

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