Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Southern Ridges

Had a traipse on Sunday along the Southern Ridges.

Actually, auntie and I only had energy for the portion from Harbourfront MRT to HortPark.

The number of colonial bungalows were really enough to make us wonder who lives there....and if this new NParks attraction made their lives more miserable judging from the number of visitors who walk across their front lawn....
We made a number of pit stops along the way.....first was near the summit of Mount Faber....nice views all round....And the weather was really quite good....not too sunny and the breezes were very much welcomed.....stopping at the Hill Bistro for overpriced beer and lemon tea.....WAY OVERPRICED!!!

Took a look around the summit before continuing on....

This is Henderson Waves....one of the highlights....didn't stay long enough for the nightfall....the lights are supposedly good.

Then there is the treetop walk thing, quite nice too. Not as terrifying as the HSBC treetop walk but certain parts were still exhilarating..

Next feature was the Alexandra Arch......before getting to HortPark!

Which has this huge green lawn that on a nice weekend, can see alot of families and friends having fun, taking pictures, playing catch and just lazing around.

Will try and continue the rest of the walk soon!

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