Sunday, July 20, 2008


Lobbying can be sinister. And when made public, can generate much social unrest.

ERP gantries are popping up everywhere. Expressways/roads are built with gantries in place. Even before traffic starts to throng through on the bitumen.

So when you get the National Family Council lobbying for a new holiday, the interest is high.
It's gonna happen on a Saturday. So silly I know. But for 5-day work week peeps like me (and the entire civil/governmental/pseudo-governmental/military/home team service), there should be a compulsory compensation somewhere.

It's tons better than the current "Eat With Your Family Day".

For "EWYFD", bosses can let slaves/serfs workers off earlier and encourage them to consume dinner with family.

The caveat is that ERP charges remain. So, the expressways will get jam, well, maybe not. Not very conducive. Social unrest....

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