Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lost count of the Whammies!

My shipboard allowance will soon come to a stop.
Lunch is no longer catered by NTUC FoodFare.

It's a double whammy in monetary terms. My disposable income has decreased because the net income has fallen without the allowance. My expenses has gone up because my lunch is no longer free.

That's just the cost in monetary terms. There is actually the mental grind that some of you may be familiar with. Hands up, those of you who sometimes cannot decide what to eat when it's lunch time. You walk round and round, finally deciding on the stall you patronised yesterday.

And the day before.
And the day before that.

I actually like being surprised (sometimes unpleasantly) at the Cook House. It is not preferable to have choices. Weird huh? I have a colleague who will answer, "Surprise me." when asked what he would like to drink.

Another blow is the parking at this place.
Teachers get theirs for free. Soldiers, sailors and airmen get theirs for free too.
But not here. Not us.

Besides this injustice, it gets worse.

See the satellite pic above? Well, the tiny dark blue cross marks where my office is.

The light blue box at the top is where the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP, also pronounced as MmmScape. ok, I jest.) Parking there costs $90 a month. But unless you are of a certain rank, you are not suppose to park at the first two levels. Talking about blows, here's a blow to "first come first served".

The parking within the green polygon is cheaper at $65. The prices seem familiar to you? Yah, you probably pay the same amount at a HDB carpark. Again, there is a section reserved for the deservingly so. The section nearer to the main building is meant for them. Cheers to that.

But it's all good. By segregating, there can be alot of conveniences. I shall not mention here.

The additional $25 will mean the following advantages: less likely to suffer from a mynah air-raid, so your car paint is preserved. bird poo is toxic and can do damage to your paintwork. As will tree sap, which is also absent. I say less likely because birds can still fly into a MSCP, right? Even less chance of falling branches denting your car. Unless it's a freak storm that carried a falling branch horizontally .... not likely. There is also the covered walkway that links the main building with the carpark. The MSCP is located right above the canteen. I don't know how that can be an advantage.


ys said...

so is it possible to public transport to that locality?

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

Yes actually. But still gotta walk uphill.