Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nocturne IV - coming soon!

Between 17 Jul to 31 Aug 08, Nocturne IV - Lin Baoling's third solo and fourth in the series, will be on at Marina Mandarin.

Click here for the artist's blog.
Click here for a preview.
Click here for the exhibition pamphlet.

I've already collected my painting Nocturne 10073 from Nocturne III which was part of a group exhibition in Taitung, Taiwan.
Baoling hung it near the entrance (*see blue arrow) of the Artist-in-Residence studio in Marina Mandarin (he's in every Tues, Thurs and Saturday, 1 - 6pm). So if you were there previously, muahaha....that painting by the door is mine!

Last Saturday I was just telling him that it was in Marina Mandarin that I first saw his paintings. Then, back in Dec 2005 (when I mistakenly said Baoling was a girl - hence he has BOLD the word MALE in his flickr profile - I'm Male), I said he had "vividly captured the light and the energy within it set against the night".

I think that is still true.

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