Monday, March 16, 2009


last week, warrant tupaz became mister tupaz.

how does it feel to leave a job that you have had for 38 years. a job you started when you were 16 plus. he was in the navy longer than i have been on earth.

he was worried about how he's wife will take to him being around the house during office hours.

he was not sure if not having a job will suit him. going by the latest available statistics, he will have about 2 score and 4 years to go before he returns his pink ic.

i don't think mister tupaz can remember the last time he saw his pink ic.

i have not seen my pink ic since april 1998. that's 11 years ago.

he talked about being a taxi-driver (he obtained a taxi license more than 10 years ago) and also about sitting inside the security post (he thinks a condominium security guard is overpaid).

he joked about wanting death to come early. because he does not know what is he suppose to do now. he is only 55.

my uncle (grandma's oldest son) is in his early 70s. he has been working at the same metal workshop since he was 9. his current boss is the grandson of the boss who hired him. if i am not wrong, meals are still provided at where he works. he does not do much everyday. turns up for work and will provide assistance only when required. he's expertise is in bending metal rods manually (as opposed to computer assisted) into chairs. he does not earn much. but neither will he be retrenched nor told to retire.

he's held his pink ic ever since it was introduced.

allan ooi has returned his pink ic without ever seeing it since he started his job. he didnt like it and somehow felt he was unable to leave.

i passed my chance to see my ic in june last year. and i just received a reminder that i have to update the photo.

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