Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Media

In the past, I used to think that people who are knowledgeable are incredibly fascinating.
Now I think the person who is able to source for the needed knowledge and value-add is superior.
Being a knowledge silo is boring. Being able to create knowledge that is of importance and relevance is much more interesting.

I love that fact that new media has gotten many authorities back-peddling. The ruling party up north obviously did. And I think most authorities are finding all sorts of ways to discredit, disallow and disable new media. They ban certain activities and outlaw them on old media, as if they are able to control the internet. They say people who partake in new media are seditious, cowards and generally societal miscreants. They buy over established new media or create them in their official or unofficial capacities, telling the netizens that it is only by playing by their rules will you be recognised.

Bah. Save me from your good intentions.

I secretly think that new media is getting stronger and stronger each day. And I am McLovin' it.

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