Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is RANT

There is a Japanese city named Obama and is located in Wakasa area of Fukui Prefecture.

If there was a city named McCain, would it change the US Presidential Election results?

We all know that Sarah Palin was chosen as veep for McCain because she is going to be running for Prez in 8 years time. She admitted it. Not a Freudian slip. So in another 8 years, she could either fade into obscurity (Tina Fey on the other hand will still be around) or be running against (you guessed it!) Hilarious Clinton.

Why do we know that Mrs Clinton will be running in that campaign, 4 or maybe 8 years down the road? Well, because Joe Biden was chosen as the veep for Obama that's why. Joe (not the plumber) will be 74 years old when Obama steps down (assuming that he continues for 8 years). Mrs Clinton will be 69 by then. A tad old yes, but certainly not the oldest.

I like the current drama series on Channel 8, By My Side. Fantastic stuff. Renewed my faith in local drama productions. It's as good as the plastic surgery series that had Michelle Chia and Thomas Ong. Beats "Beach.Balls.Babes". I don't see any point in comparing.

I like the way Aids awareness is brought into the living room of Channel 8 viewers. Although Aids is not a homosexual illness, I thought it could enhance the series. But this being Singapore....well.

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anonYmouS said...

how enlightening!