Monday, November 10, 2008


As part of my "are geese altruistic" line of questioning, I have decided to ask this question.

Are humans the only living thing that will intentionally remove their unborn child ie. abortion.

We used to think that humans are the only living thing that will have sex for pleasure. Well, apparently dolphins, swans, elephants and certain species of monkeys do it for "fun" as well. And get this, we are not the only living thing that "rapes". But what about abortion?

When a farmer goes around collecting eggs from the hen house, do the hens weep, assuming they are fertilised?
Will a mother hen intentionally roll her egg (fertilised of course!) down a plank just to abort her baby? Or in a more likely scenario (assuming she wants to abort), she will not incubate her egg?

What will Republicans say?

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