Monday, November 03, 2008

No time to blog

Just wanted to put up some pictures in here.

Yes, this is THE Paris Hilton. Was staying on the 4th storey and this was the view from the balcony:

As France is the sitting on the EU Presidency from Jul - Dec 2008, the Eiffel Tower was specially lit for this period of 6 months.

And every hour, on the hour, the spectacle is enhanced with thousands of glittering lights (gotta rotate the screen or head...).

There was also the amazing french dinners at Philippe et Jean-Pierre, Marius et Janette and Pershing Hall.

More of these later....


mp147 said...

and you didn't cross the channel!?!

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

oh mahesh! I really didn't mean to. I was on a working and schedule was such that I couldn't go anywhere else. In fact, I had only about 12 hours to myself, after all the time I spent at this naval exhibition and other official functions.

fingers crossed, next spring. ok?