Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time; and how to find it

Time has been elusive of late. In fact, I suspect that there's actually less of it going round the clock these days.

Especially the weekends.

Not that the weekdays are particularly filled with the missing seconds. Week in, week out, they zoom past as well.

I used to have a little trick when I suspect there is too much time. I look at the indicators more. By indicators I really mean devices like clocks, watches or even the relative position of the sun to the horizon. However the paradox was this; the more I notice it, the more of it I seem to possess. These days, I don't even have time to notice time passing by.

That is how my suspicion came about - the decreasing amount of time. They, time and its components; seconds, minutes and hours, are such sneaky bastards. They actually go faster when you don't notice them.

Then I learn that it's all relative.

Damn Einstein.

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