Saturday, August 02, 2008


A colleague of mine shared the happy news of an addition to his family. Jessie Olivia. I noticed that the initials of his new baby daughter's name spelled out J.O.Y. His family surname starts with Y. It got me curious about the names of his other children. I found out that he has one other daughter and asked about her name. Turns out her name was Beatrice. The absence of any middle name was obvious. BY JOY?

A closer look at the meaning of the name Beatrice revealed greater meaning. Beatrice, derived from the Latin name, Beatrix (Potter fame), means "bringer of joy". How thick did the plot get? There's more.

Jessie Olivia was conceived so that Beatrice could have a sibling to enjoy growing up with. Jessie, derived from Jesse, means "god's gift". Which was what the parents thought of her to the family, especially Beatrice. So with Beatrice's permission (this gets rather cute, I know), her sister was named Jessie Olivia, with a middle name, despite Beatrice not having one. So the name Beatrice was chosen and Jessie Olivia came about because of Beatrice. I totally find that groovy.

There is another colleague, one whom I've known since 1998, whose commonly used nickname is Jinks. Long story about this, but it's not relevant here. His wife's name is Jenny. Daugthers are Jolie and Jamie. Jolie, the elder girl, means "pretty" in French. Jamie, well, they just loved the sound of it. I suggested to them that should they have another baby, a boy could be Julian or Justin. A girl could be Julienne/Julianne, Julia or Judy or Justine.

Why? So that the entire family can have names starting with J and a different vowel for each of the names. I find this really groovy too. But Jinks didn't notice this until I suggested. So it wasn't intended. He might consider it.

I find myself looking out for order and patterns in seemingly mundane stuff. Maybe it's because of this belief that within all the chaos that we exist amongst, there is actually a set of rules that govern us. A cause will follow with an effect and cause the next effect, so on so forth. A reason why certain things happen while certain things won't.



vulnerable toes said...

was this "BY JOY" saga what their father disclosed to u or a figment of ur...creativity?

i believe in karma - which is why i hate it(myself) when a vicious cycle develops while u struggle with the ignorance of whys and hows and ifs. divine intervention! ok i'm digressing.

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

I noticed that his daughter's initials spelt out JOY so I asked him. He confirmed that the initials were intended. And told me his elder daughter's name is Beatrice - bringer of joy.

jink's daugthers' name and the whole 'J' followed by vowel was observed by me, so I just told him. Haha, kaypoh.
Karma is for real, right?

vulnerable toes said...

if i were to be nice, i'd say u were being observant.

karma is real as one makes it to out be. i think its real till someone proves me otherwise; how else do u explain all the...