Saturday, May 02, 2009

Top 10 :: Cover Songs

  1. Mad World - Gary Jules original by Tears For Fears
  2. Let's Dance - M. Ward original by David Bowie
  3. I Don't Like Mondays - Tori Amos original by The Boomtown Rats
  4. Ship Building - Suede original by Elvis Costello
  5. Landslide - Smashing Pumpkins original by Fleetwood Mac
  6. Hurt - Johnny Cash original by Nine Inch Nails
  7. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley original by Leonard Cohen
  8. Heartbeats - José González
  9. Wonderwall - Ryan Adam original Oasis
  10. Such Great Heights - Iron And Wine original by The Postal Service

I know I had a list similar to this. But this list is updated and filtered.
And yes, it's probably better than yours.

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