Tuesday, February 03, 2009

TNAR is RANT spelt backwards - don't look for a meaning here

I am starting to think that as I grow up and know more people, I get less time to myself.
I live by a schedule filled with things that I am suppose to do.
I work to pay off my taxes which wouldn't be as high if I were jobless.
My work is a little trickier because although I have worked off my bond, I am working off my moral obligation. It's this weird thing where if you agree to be promoted (in the unlikely event that you earned it), you need to stay with the same employer for another 2 years. Some logic. But I'm no bitch.
The weekends don't belong to myself much of the time. I don't really get to pick the stuff I want to do. Which was different last Sunday because I chose to go to the Bird Park and thoroughly enjoyed myself there with auntie.
If I really break down to the bare essentials of my life, I wonder what do I need. Surely I don't need my car. I've been happily getting by with public transport for the past 20 or so years of independent commuting. I probably won't need a pair of apc jeans and 2 other pairs of nudies. Definitely having almost 10 different pairs of sneakers comprising pumas (mostly), Onitsuka Tiger, adidas, new balance and nike is unnecessary when a single pair is all that makes the difference between the haves and have nots.
I will still need a laptop because I need to have my access to the internet. I said "need to have" but really what I meant was, "how else would I be able to tell you otherwise". But I don't need cable tv.
I don't need my Time magazine subscription which has been ongoing since I was 19. Maybe earlier. I stopped my Forbes subscription (because it reeks of Republican) and don't think I will continue with my Discovery magazine. Yup, very sure of that.
I cannot not want my job at the moment. Not that I want to. I don't need to. It's not like internet access. I can't anyway. Along with the job comes a whole string of needs. Like uniform, blah..values, blah....
I think life with the music I have is about 1,289,989, 348.923 times better than if I didn't. In comparison, it is only 1,638,558.34 times better because there is meepok dry.
Family I cannot do without. Friends, well, I better not put a figure to it because either they will feel insulted or meepok dry will be smug. The humble noodle has NEVER let me down. But I am sure I have disappointed many as well.
Colleagues! Gosh. I cannot do without them. Because the workplace is a harsh environment. Like the way the Americans described the jungles of Vietnam. You make it because of your colleagues. But if you are the boss, then good for you. You're like Ho Chi Minh or Eisenhower, making others below die for your cause. Or cause them to die. Whichever. So if you're a colleague, you're a brother-in-arms.



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